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Getting Through Opiate Withdrawals

I speak to individuals who are seeking help from opiate addiction on a daily basis. They are looking for any type of advice or encouragement to go in the opposite direction their mind and body want them to go. Withdrawals are extremely hard to overcome because the voice in your head pleads with you to get a fix and kill the withdrawal symptoms you are feeling. All it takes is one hit or one pill to lessen your withdrawals but it leads back to cycle of addiction.

A common question I hear extremely often is, “How long will my withdrawals last?” Or “How long before I feel normal again?” These questions are so hard to answer. There are many different reasons why withdrawals may take longer for some than others.  I can however give you a pretty good idea of how long you may feel the physical withdrawals. If your using a high dose for an extended period of time, expect 7-10 days of physical withdrawals. Medium usage over medium amount of time can expect 5-7 days and a small amount over a short amount of time may be 1-5 days.

Withdrawals symptoms are different for everyone. Some people face extreme depression, mood swings, anxiety and flu like symptoms. Body aches can also be horrible and restless leg syndrome can make you extremely uncomfortable. It's hard to tell anyone what to really expect because everyone is different. I for one never had restless leg syndrome, while some people I have spoken to have. I personally suffered greatly from insomnia. I was unable to sleep for almost 10 days. Those sleepless nights will never fade from memory. I remember laying in that bed in rehab like it was yesterday just wanting to sleep.

Everyone going through withdrawals just wants to go to sleep and wake up 10 days later, skipping the withdrawals completely. I personally think that not feeling any of the opiate withdrawal symptoms is not a good thing. You want to experience some form of discomfort during withdrawal so that you realize what it has done to your body. I tell people to look at opiate withdrawal as if it is a rite of passage. You have done damage to your body and your body and mind will let you know it. Do not get discouraged by this, take it as a challenge. It may be the greatest challenge of your life but it is well worth it.

There are many things on the market to help with withdrawal symptoms. Some of the products on the market are completely bogus and make claims that are not realistic. Many even have ingredients that have nothing to do with helping the body through withdrawal.

CalmSupport was formulated specifically for opiate withdrawal by registered herbalists and a Naturopathic Physician. We do not claim that you will swallow this pill and not feel any withdrawals. But your body will be detoxified and your symptoms will lessen. We have had thousands of customers who were amazed at how well CalmSupport worked. If you are on the fence about giving CalmSupport a try, please realize that we are the only company that offers a 100% money back guarantee. We offer this guarantee because our product works and we know it, and we are positive that you will too.

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