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Addiction Is Complex: There Are No Simple Cures For Breaking Addiction To Opiates Except Hard Work and Dedication

With the massive opiate epidemic affecting the United States, people are scrambling for ways to treat millions of people suffering from addiction. Parents, siblings, significant others and the addicts themselves are looking for any way to get the help they need. The problem with addiction is that there is no simple or easy solution to getting clean. Addiction is extremely complex and there is no magic cure that will work for everyone. This is why there is such a high relapse rate in opiate addicts. We will never know the exact figure associated with relapse, but it is very high. The reason it is so high is because the addict themselves either do not want to get clean, or because they are extremely addicted and can't break free of their addiction.

In the day and age where pharmaceuticals rule all, many addicts reach for different drugs to help them get off of the drugs they are addicted to. We are a nation of pill poppers. Suboxone and Methadone are the two most popular drugs on the market that are used for opiate replacement therapy. Opiate replacement therapy is using one of these two medications to replace the prescription painkillers one is addicted to. To be clear, these pharmaceuticals in many people's eyes are exactly that, a replacement. If you are taking a pharmaceutical drug that tricks your brain into thinking you are still on the drug you were addicted to, are you really clean?

People debate the use of Methadone and Suboxone on a daily basis, but for some people it works. Unfortunately I can not tell you the amount of horror stories I hear from people who have switched to Methadone or Suboxone and can not get off the replacement drugs.  Their withdrawal symptoms are much worse than what they were going through when they started taking the medication. But everyone is different, and there are people who have had success with these drugs for breaking their addiction.

When I was early in my recovery I looked for any possible way to keep my mind occupied. I was never a fan of reading for recreational purposes but I figured I should give it a try. I became engulfed in self-help books that helped me change my way of thinking. To live more in the present moment and to not look back on my past or too far into the future.  Remember, you are never promised tomorrow. I feel reading and learning about oneself is great for a person in recovery. Not only to find a therapeutic way to spend their time, but also exercising one's brain and learning ways to improve yourself.

Meetings are also a great way for people in recovery to come together and share common hardships with other people facing the same addictions. It's great for a recovering addict to be taken under a veterans wing and to learn about lifestyle changes to lead a sober life from someone who has experienced it themselves. Meetings are not for everyone but I will tell any person new to recovery that you HAVE TO TRY meetings out a few times. They have saved many lives, and you may make friends of a lifetime.

I wish I could write an instruction book on how to get clean and live a life happy in recovery. It is obviously impossible to do so. Recovery is hard work and it is as complex as the addiction itself. Take each day one at a time.  Understand the damage that you did to your body and learn new ways to help heal it. Read more about CalmSupport and the amazing effects it has on your body and how it can help you in your recovery.


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