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Center Treats Pain Without Feeding Addiction

Patients want to talk about how much it hurts to go through pains resulting from the work that they have to do on a daily basis. Most of them are miners, waitresses and tree cutters whose jobs are extremely physical and often result in excessive pans which require them to use opioids in order to make this situation bearable. While engaging with doctors who wanted to talk about illnesses in Bridgeport, the patients were quick to point out that their main concern was how much it hurt to go through such situations every day.

Dr. Sarah, one of the professionals who had arranged a meeting with the patients, said that they were interested in talking about situations such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, or out of control hypertension. According to the doctors, these were diseases that were on the rise in the area and which required immediate attention. However, it proved to be a difficult exercise trying to get the patients to focus on the intended topics. Instead of that, they were more interested in talking about how much it hurt and how they wish they could find a better way to deal with the pain. This is a reflection of how much people are suffering because of chronic pain, and the need to address such issues.

According to the doctors, some of the worst cases involved members of their organization prescribing too much opioid for patients and posed a major risk to their overall health and life. Some of the payments that received too much opioid are those that were well known to the doctors, mostly, those that they had grown up with and so, they were reluctant to deny them these pills. They say that about four years ago, equipped with such understanding, they tried to implement a new way of treating the disease – doing so without opioids. They decided to hire an anesthesiologist to treat chronic pain and relieve the doctors of the thorniest burden that they have been facing for many years.

According to statistics, the effect of this decision has been positive helping many people to avoid addiction even as they seek ways to treat chronic pain. Patients now prefer to use anesthesiologists for pain treatment while seeing their primary health care professionals for other health related issues. This means that they are well kept overall and that their lives are more comfortable than they used to be before the measures were taken. Indeed, this has been hailed as one of the major breakthroughs in the fight against opioids abuse and has seen many people prefer to use it than what was widely preferred before. This is an area that is reporting major success stories as far as the fight against drug abuse is concerned.

As for those who are recovering from addiction to opiates, there is a well-structured plan to help them get over it. The center also offers counseling to groups of recovering addicts and according to Doctor Sarah; they want to see a society free from addiction.


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