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Outside America, Painkiller Problem Is Absence, Not Abuse 

The irony that surrounds the war against opiates is the fact that the situation is totally different in the rest of the world. In the US, every effort is being made to ensure that addictions are controlled. There is legislation being made almost every year and even being reviewed not many months later. Yet, this is only a fairy tale when told to a person from other parts of the world. In fact, there are those who will wonder how painkillers could be a problem yet they hardly have enough to cater for their needs. The fact that the rest of the world suffers from the reverse problem is astonishing to say the least.

In many countries, there are people who are seriously sick and suffering from chronic pains yet they cannot get the drugs required to make their situation better. They cannot find drugs such as oxycodone and other narcotics. What might surprise many Americans is the fact that these people are seriously suffering and dying in pain. This is according to report compiled by health officials and other people who advocate for better health. It is normal to wonder how this can be the case. It is incomprehensible how a person seriously ill cannot get the drugs required to manage their situation.

Another observation that might baffle many Americans is the fact that in countries such as Russia, India, and Mexico, most doctors are unwilling to prescribe these drugs. One of the reasons behind this situation is that they are afraid of legal actions as well as prosecution. This is despite knowing that in some of these situations, the prescriptions are justified. It is just that there seems to be a culture against opioids and this culture seems to be deeply entrenched in the minds of every medical practitioner. They would rather use other ineffective methods to manage pain than give opioids to their patients.

Kenya only authorized the production of morphine recently. This is one of the most effective drugs used to contain chronic pain. Before the authorization, there was wide spread criticism after revelations that the drug was only available in seven hospitals yet the nation has more than 250 health facilities. The situation is worse in Morocco. According to reports by health advocacy groups, only a handful of health practitioners are allowed to prescribe these drugs. The worst part is that according to the country’s laws, opioids are categorized as poison.

Moving on to most poor and middle-income countries, the drugs are either unavailable or they are restricted. The restrictions are the same even for patients suffering from cancer, AIDS and war wounds. This might leave you asking, why then is the situation so different in America? Why would other countries be restricting and even having less than enough painkillers while Americans are trying to fight addictions? Well, the most likely explanation is that the situation boils down to legislation. It is the abundant supply of opioids, and the ease with which people can access it that makes it a problem in America.


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