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Everyone Has A Role To Play In Reversing The Opioid Epidemic

One unfortunate thing about the opioid epidemic is the fact that it affects all people in equal measures. Not even this land of ten thousands lakes has been spared by this menace. The rich and the poor are served in the same platter and all end up suffering the same consequences of abusing these drugs. Although they initially start as drugs that are supposed to help them to get rid of chronic pain, they end up messing with their lives when they are not properly used. One of the worrying things is that since 1990, deaths resulting from drug abuse have more than tripled and the figures threaten to go even higher.

At the core of it, the cause of addiction to opiates is non-medical usage of prescription drugs. The never ending supply of these drugs has not helped the situation either. In addition to that, most youths have access to various types of low cost heroin, an alternative to painkillers which has worse effects. The high abuse, overdose and addictive potential of heroin and opiates are what should be addressed because it is what leads people into taking them. A look at some of the stories told by the people who have been addicted to these drugs shows that some of them do not even realize it when they fall into addiction.

One of the things that many people do not know is that prescription drugs are not only capable of reducing pain, they can also cause respiratory depression. Other conditions related to these drugs are nausea, mental clouding, dependence, and physical tolerance. The worst part is that with every type of opioid, the slightest overdose is capable of killing. It therefore requires everyone to be aware of these conditions and play their roles to ensure that the United States does not continue losing lives to such situations. It is possible to combat the menace if everyone plays their part.

For those that exceed the prescribed dose, addiction is inevitable. These include even those who did not have any prior history to such a situation. These are individuals who were healthy yet they find themselves addicted to opioid medications because of the way it works on the brain. Since heroin is easier to get when compared to painkillers, most people who get addicted turn to it. The situation is made even more possible because heroin is cheaper. A look at the stories of people who suffer from addiction, those who are bold enough to narrate how their lives were before they got into drugs and how they are now, shows that there is need for urgent measures to be taken so as to ease the troubles that they go through.

Some of the situations that characterize opioids addictions include depression, hospitalizations, broken families, broken promises, funerals, and many others. It, however, is important to point out that if everyone takes it upon themselves to create awareness about this epidemic, there will be a major improvement and the addictions will eventually be controlled.


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