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Suggested New Way To Fight Opioid Abuse

The story of one retired New York City bus driver is an eye opener to many people living in the United States of America. The driver, Ronald Ruiz, is a 70-year-old man who has gone through many painful situations resulting from the nature of his work. Almost every day, he had to endure the pain in some parts of his body and would be required to use a wooden clutch as his only hope. This was the situation that he would go through every day as he walked through his house, which was once a wonderful place full of activity.

He says that the feeling was like a combination of pulling and tearing of his back. Any movement was like his back muscles were pulling in two different ways. It was like the skin and the spine were not connecting anymore and each one of them wanted to pull in different ways. Because of this, he would use various methods to combat the pain which resulted in three huge scars on his body. As he pulls his shirt to show the scars, he is quick to point out that he remembers the events because of the pains that he went through.

He remembers the many activities that he engaged in that made his life worth living before the pain got the better of him. For instance, he regularly roller-skated, played hokey on countless occasions and even tried his hands at riding bikes. In fact, he is quick to point out that there is practically nothing that he would not do. He even went to Coney Island. At this point, his face crumples and his voice brakes as he seems to get emotional about what he did. Yet, he still is grateful of what eventually happened to ease the pain. He says that though emotions get the better of him, he feels that he is lucky to be alive.

Just like Ruiz, there are many Americans who go through many difficult situations because of pain. The worst part is that this pain is a result of the activities that they engage in an attempt to earn a living. This is one of the situations that the Federal Government as well as the many organizations involved in fighting opiate abuse find themselves in. As much as they are trying to help people like Ruiz to ease their pain, they constantly have to ensure that they do not fall into addiction. They also have to ensure that the drugs do not get into the hands of users who do not need them in the first place.

The latest solution suggested by the experts is to steer away from opioids. In this case, they point out the fact that even though people like Ruiz have been using opioids for a long time, the pain just cannot go away. The patients are in a very tough spot and even though they are taking their medications correctly, the world around them is losing their faith in opioid medications. 


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