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Congress Decides To Limit Opiates

The story of Ed White, the severe back pain patient who has been finding it difficult to get medications to ease his pain, is just a reflection of what most Americans are going through. His predicaments started after the state decided to batten down the shelves at most pharmacies in Washington. When the shelves went dry at the pharmacy near his home, his problems had officially been ushered into his life. The truth is that although his story has brought about a lot of reactions, there are many others who are suffering but they have not been heard. Is this measure by congress a good one?

In Fort Lauderdale, the situation is not any different. One mother, Maureen Kielian, says that she has had to put her son in a residential treatment facility in an attempt to try and break his opioids addiction. She goes on to say that her son’s situation is life threatening and that she is worried that she might lose him soon. She says that it is absurd to say that the federal authorities have been too aggressive in limiting the supply of drugs that are now killing more than 29,000 people every year. For her, it is a good decision by congress because now, her son has some hope being taken care of in a residential facility.

These two stories have definitely left congress at a cross roads. In as much as they are supposed to ensure a constant supply of painkillers for people like Mr. White, they are also supposed to ensure that the drugs are not readily available to those that are not prescribed. The legislations passed by congress sought to address such a situation and there have been mixed reactions to them. There are those who think that senate is being too harsh on them when they need the drugs every day. This is just a reflection of how difficult it is to deal with opiate addictions in the US.

It, however, is important to note that for now, Washington seems keen to ensure that opioid medications remain highly accessible as long as they are used for the purpose for which they are intended. This would represent a victory for pharmacies since they have been crying out loud that their businesses are being killed. However, on the other hand, it is a blow of some sorts to the fight against the epidemic. The state says that it will be more concerned about the treatment of addiction rather than its source. This begs the question; is treatment of addiction more important that its prevention? This is a concern that the anti-opioids crusaders have been trying to present.

For the house and the senate, the most important factor is to pass laws that bolster the fight against addiction. This is more evident in the kind of laws that have come out of them lately. The problem, however, is that the situation is becoming worse on the ground as the days go by. There definitely should be more effort.


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