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NyQuil Soda A Reflection Of A Growing Opioid Abuse Trend

There is need for all the people involved in the fight against opiates to worry. Although Nyquil and soda have been proven to sicken school going children in parts of the United States of America, it still is popular among people of that age. The soda, still records high sales and the buyers are those of the school growing age although young adults also seem to love it. This, without a doubt, is a reflection of the way opiates are affecting many people in this country. With growing concerns of recreational opioids abuse, this should form the basis for research and finding to ensure that the trend is combated from all corners.

The director of communications for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Mr. Christopher Garret, said that although such drinks may not be the major issue in the fight against addiction, they perfectly fit into the larger market of drug abuse and addictions. This has lead to many questions being asked as to how many other substances can be abused. What can be noted is that from such a behavior, addiction starts from a lower rate. With time, these school kids could move to another substance after they notice that the soda does not satisfy their addiction anymore.

Garrett was quick to point out that the opioids epidemic in Maryland was grim. He also said that they are particularly looking at the youth when investigating and researching cases of substance abuse as well as any other similar trends. His sentiments only echo what is already real on the grounds. From the look of things, he has captured the situation but there still remain many things that need to be done so as to avoid the problem. If you thought that children of school going age were safe from the abuse of such things, you better think again. The epidemic in Maryland seems to be bigger than what everyone knows.

The recreational concoction also has many other names especially among young people. For instance, some of them call it purple drink, Lean, and Sizzurp. One thing that can be noted about the drink is that it was used for the first time by the rap and hip hop community in the 1990s. Ever since, the authorities note that it has tremendously grown in popularity. It has been attributed to the fact that most young [people perceive rap and hip hop as the best cultures to subscribe to. Sadly, they are willing to go to every height to copy what their idols do even when it leads them into addiction. 

With revelations that the concoction consists of certain types of prescribed drugs, you do not want to imagine what the young people are getting themselves into. They probably need help as early as this so that we do not have a community of graduates who are addicted to opiates. The good thing is that measures are already being put in place to make them understand the impact of the behavior that they are getting into.


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