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Experts Recommend Prescriber Training In Combating Opioid Abuse 

The Federal Government has decided to step up the war on the fight against opioid addiction in San Diego. The main focus in the new legislation will be directed towards the reduction of misuse as well as diversion. One of the measures taken to ensure the success of these measures is to increase awareness so as to improve the impact of research. Lisa Pearlstein, JD, while revealing the new measures, was quick to say that they have noticed that there is a growing trend among the abusers and that the new regulations were likely to reduce the habits. She was optimistic that if everyone cooperates, there were going to be positive results.

She said that the most important factor to consider was ensuring a balance between access by patients and addiction, especially, by those who do not even need the drugs in the first place. There should be more resources for the policy makers to ensure that they do make the right decisions. According to Lisa, it is sad that some of the policies that have been made in the past have had little o no impact at all to the war against the abuse of opiates. Avocation for patient safety is important including subjecting patients to other options of treating pain just to ensure that they do not fall into addiction.

Here sentiments came with a revelation that over six million people have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in the US. And this figure only represents the last month. For sure, this is a worrying trend that calls for urgent measures just to ensure that they do not get out of hand as they are already threatening. Considering the fact that there could be cases that go unreported and that there could be more young people who are being influenced to join the trend, the time was ripe for the Federal Government to consider other options other than what has been done for years without any good results.

One fact that might not go down well with most Americans is that although they account for about five percent of the world population, they are responsible for the consumption of more than 75 percent of the world prescription drugs. It means that outside America, the theory of people abusing prescription drugs might even ring a bell in the minds of people. Yet, it is so serious here that it is threatening the lives of young people. It is the reason why everyone feels that the Federal Government has to do more. With the new regulations, there definitely is hope although it remains to be seen how much impact it will make.

In March 2015, state agencies announced a three pronged approach to the reduction in the cases of addiction to opiates. One of them was to focus on education. Interestingly, they also recommended prescriber education because even though the focus has been on the users, there is no doubt that prescribers too play a major role in the availability of these drugs especially in local communities.


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