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Measures Should Be Set To Combat Opioid Abuse

It is no longer a doubt that more Americans are getting addicted to opioids every year. According to statistics, this number is even outgrowing the entire population of some states such as Washington. With such a worrying revelation, it can only be deduced that more Americans will die this year and that employers will lose more money due to reduced productivity. Although there have been measures taken to reduce the impact of this trend, it appears that it is more than what people thought it would be. It therefore is important to introduce new measure so as to ensure that the whole menace is combated.

One thing that many people often ignore is the fact that the reason why there are such addictions to opiates is because Americans constantly seek treatment for pain. They want a quicker way to get rid of various forms of pains and as a result, they end up getting addicted to the drugs that are prescribed to them. The worst part is that the pain is one of the leading contributors to the cost of health care and that it cannot be ignored even as when measures are sought to ensure that it is reduced. It therefore leaves the authorities as well as health care experts in a difficult situation.

Without a doubt, the most important thing is to ensure a balance between treatment and abuse. In as much as nobody can overlook the importance of treating pain, it also is good to ensure that the addictions are reduced and finally dealt with once and for all. The sad part is that there has never been a clear way of how this can be done. It is something that requires collective responsibility as well as more creativity in the way this problem is handles. The good news is that more stake holders have shown the concern to help the fight against the menace.

Education and awareness is more important than anything else in the fight against the abuse of opioids. Patients need to be taught about the importance of carefulness such as not sharing the drugs and storing them appropriately. This way, it will be much easier to avoid getting the medications into the wrong hands. Safe disposal of unused or unwanted medicines is also an important practice in the fight against these problems. More important is the need to understand the impact of the awareness campaigns as well as the progress being made to combat the vice.

Evidence based laws will be vital in the fight against opioids abuse in the US. Researchers should be empowered so that they can reach out to as many people as they can and come up with recommendations that are based on the real situation on the ground. If the government can increase funding towards such initiatives, there is no doubt that more progress will be made. Communities- should chip in more, just as they have been doing in the past, because collective efforts are more likely to bring forth better results than anything else.


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