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Opioid Abuse One Of The Biggest Mistakes In Modern Medicine

The worrying rise in deaths resulting from drug overdose only proves one thing – that the opioids abuse epidemic is the biggest mistake in modern medicine. With so many people losing their lives and others living miserably, people should ask themselves where this problem started. It is good to look back and ask ourselves where the rain started beating us. Surely, this problem was not there until the start of production of these medicines and because worse when they were made easily available to all. It is only after the realizations that it was becoming a major problem that people started working towards combating it.

There was a new level realized in the efforts made to educate the public on the effects of overdoses and addictions. Prince, a world famous musician was found dead with prescription narcotics on him. It is a situation that prompted the authorities to start investigating the role of these drugs in the death of the music icon. In recent weeks, lawmakers have been busy trying to figure out the best legislations that can help to combat this menace. The truth, however, is that the problem is deeper rooted than what almost everyone is focusing on. It can only be good if people start looking at the modern medicine policies that brought about opioids.

Some physicians have been quoted saying that they are on the forefront in the fight against the epidemic, which is crippling communities by tearing families apart and making people unproductive. It is true that the problem is widespread in the country and is threatening to become even worse. However, physicians are better equipped to understand the medical cause behind it. Maybe, they know that there are other drugs that can be used to counter the effects of opioids. If there are drugs that can help to stop addiction, it would be a good thing because then, this problem would not even be an issue to talk about at present.

One thing that is what noting is that leading publications have carried stories about investigations into the widespread epidemic. According to them, there are many stories behind the production of popular drugs such as Oxycontin. Many people who have involved in these investigations have come forward to agree that indeed, it is one of the biggest mistakes in modern history. From Town Hall meetings to online forums and on-air discussions, many professionals have decried this mistake and have suggested that maybe, a medical solution is what could be used to counter this problem. Many feel that before the drugs started circulating, there should have been a well though-out strategy about how to combat its effects.

The growing emphasis on the role that health providers should play in reducing opiate addiction is a clear indication that stake holders I n the war against this epidemic are now turning to medical solutions. Going forward, Health providers should be equipped with the right knowledge based on research to make sure that every resource is utilized to bring back sanity in relation to opiates.


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