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Legal Prescription Drugs Used In Illegal Ways

I spend a great deal of my time away from work and family talking about my past drug abuse and recovery. Many of the people I associate with are in recovery or are looking to get clean. A few years ago, I listed my number on my Youtube profile and on my free social networking website for ex-addicts and their families called FreeFromHell.com I receive tons of calls and texts per day from users as well as their families on what they should do to help an addict.

I had a very interesting conversation the other day with an individual who has been in recovery for almost 3 years. He is also a medical doctor and abused his power to write prescriptions for himself. He is what you would consider a "dirty doctor" because he would write legal prescriptions for people who did not need the painkillers.  He was paid in cash, and has made a lot of money writing out prescriptions for opiate painkillers.

During our conversation, I asked for his permission to use some of the things we spoke about on CalmSupport and he agreed, as long as I did not use his name. You may be shaking your head right now, angry that I am conversing with someone who peddled legal drugs for illegal reasons. I must confess that I was no angel when I was addicted myself. I could never and will never judge anyone for doing what they did because of their addiction, because I know all too well the demons that posses you while abusing.

We talked about all different aspects of addiction and how out-of-control the black market is for prescription painkillers. What made the conversation unique was how he explained to me how easy it is to be a dirty doctor and why the prescription painkiller problem will always be here. For some reason, even after all this time in my own recovery and writing so much and studying about addiction, this hit me in a different way. By no means am I naive about the problem in the United States, but hearing it from a doctor struck me differently. It made me feel like there is such an uphill battle that we may never get this under control.  This just shows how large this problem really is.

The doctor gave me a perspective that I have honestly never seen before. He told me how patients would come in fishing for painkillers and he could tell immediately what they were in for. He would have a brief conversation with them and prescribe them whatever they wanted. Giving them an open door to tell more people and bring him more business. I sat there on the phone and thought about how much this is going on all over the country. How often doctors are being paid for their prescription writing skills? It makes you contemplate whether this problem will ever slow down.

Reality can sometimes be a punch in the gut. Many times I write about what needs to be done to help, but this leaves me with a question: What do you think needs to be done to curb legal drugs from being distributed in illegal ways?


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