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Opiate Bill Should Focus On Prevention

For a long time, federal legislators have been grappling with the best legislations to fight the opiate crisis. This crisis has not spared Connecticut and so, U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty has requested the legislators to focus more on prevention than any other aspect. There has been a lot of debate about the best ways to manage this crisis with everyone coming up with their best ways of doing it.

Over recent times, much of the focus in the fight against opiates has been directed towards treatment. Many clinics have been set up and several drugs introduced to help those with severe conditions. According to Esty, the need to address prevention is more important than treatment.

Preventing Addiction

In her argument, Esty notes that it is much easier to address prevention than to treat addiction. In her words, an addict has gone through too much trouble. If the situation had been prevented, things would not be the way they are and everyone would be healthy and happy too.

Her representatives have been hearing from people who have been impacted by the crisis and believes that she has the best solution. Her interactions with some of these constituents reveal the impact of the damage; it is difficult and too damaging for some people to overcome. It is not always possible to put it all back together afterwards. Indeed, even though there are those who successfully go through treatment and rehabilitation, others simply cannot come out of that situation no matter what they do.

One of the aims of the preventive acts proposed on the heels of other options is to facilitate consumer assistance and education on opiate addiction. By strengthening training requirements for professionals in the medical sector, it will be easier to find a safer way of prescribing drugs. According to Esty, creating a national opioid death registry could be another viable option. It would paint the real picture of the problem and trigger emotions that would make people want to avoid opiates.

Republican Co-Sponsors For The Bill

Esty has faith that her bill will receive support from both parties revealing that she has Republican co-sponsors. Being one of the members of a bi-partisan task force in congress that deals with the heroin epidemic, there is no doubt that she can mobilize enough support for her bill to sail through congress.

Speaking about the bill, congresswoman Esty said that the fight to address the most complex situations that caused the opiate epidemic in the USA requires a complex approach. Simple strategies will do little to fight addiction according to her observation. Shawn Lang, the head of a statewide overdose prevention task force shares the same sentiments.

As these developments unfold, a report shows that more than 400 people died in 2015 in Connecticut alone as a result of opiate overdoses. The majority of these deaths were attributed to heroin. The office of the chief medical examiner has said that the number of fatal overdoses has been rising steadily over the past years. This might be an indication that Esty’s bill could be just what the nation needs.




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