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Burglars And Thieves The Highest Consumers Of Prescription Pills

As the number of drug abuse cases continues to rise, shocking revelations are being unearthed by the latest trends. In Lauderdale County, the abuse of prescription pills is almost getting out of hand. What is likely to shock you, however, is the type of people who abuse drugs most – burglars and thieves!

The director of Lauderdale County Drug Task Force, Tim Glover, says that more than a half of the cases that they deal with involve prescription pills. The worst part is that even though these drugs are regulated, addicts will get them any way they want. He pointed out that new regulations have made it difficult for anyone, especially addicts to get drugs and so, they are turning to other means to satisfy their addiction. With prescription records in lace and the fact that doctors are no longer writing too many prescriptions, things are getting harder for the addicts.

Addicts Have Turned To Stealing Pills

A police detective in Russellville, Lt. Scotty Lowery acknowledges that since changes were made in legislation to control the prescription of drugs, addicts have come up with new ways of getting whatever dose they need. Among the most common things that are reported when a house is broken into are pills. In fact, do not be surprised when you hear that a house worth millions and with a lot of valuable items was broken into but nothing else was stolen other than pills.

Sheriff Ric Wilson of Wayne County echoes the same sentiments made by Lt. Lowery. And he says that is a common trend among those who sell them and those who use them. He is baffled by burglary reports at his desk where nothing is missing but pills. He points to one particular burglary incidence in the south of the county. Even though there was $50 and a gun laying on the counter, the thugs only went straight to the bathroom and emptied the medicine cabinet then left.

More People Use Prescription Drugs For Nonmedical Purposes

According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an average of 6,600 people uses prescription drugs for nonmedical use every day. The most abused prescription drugs include tranquilizers, painkillers, and stimulants. According to records obtained from some of the leading treatment centers, most addiction cases have to do with prescription drugs.

This is a strong indication that drug abuse is a growing problem in Lauderdale County. An official at one of the treatment centers pointed out that with the new rules and regulations; the stories about how the addicts are getting the drugs are baffling. There are those who have even confessed to doing things worse than burglary just to get their daily dose.

One of the addicts at a rehabilitation center admitted that while visiting a friend, he had excused himself to go to the bathroom where he knew that the medicine cabinet was and searched for the drugs. According to the task force, the main concern is not about stealing drugs because it has always been there. They are more concerned with the rapidly increasing incidences.



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