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Marshall Mathers aka Eminem's Road To Sobriety from Opiate and Drug Addiction

Far too often the tabloids are filled with negative stories about celebrities addicted to drugs. They write about all the bad decisions they make, and it's a huge industry exposing the troubles that celebrities face. Constantly being in the spotlight, and having little to no privacy can be very stressful.  Being unable to leave the house because of fans mobbing them can be very overwhelming.  Add in plenty of money, enablers, and it's easy to see how a celebrity can get hooked on drugs.  Being in the spotlight and critiqued by every word and action that ones says is enough to stress anyone out.  Unfortunately many celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol to help deal with the stress.  It is sad to watch anyone deteriorate do to their addiction but celebrities have it worse.  Their pictures, stories, and problems are big business and plastered on the cover of tabloids and websites around the world.  Constantly being followed and hounded by fans and the paparazzi can be enough to make people crazy.  Over the past few years, we have seen many fatal celebrity drug overdoses. The media has a frenzy for negative news stories but not too often do you hear or read about those who are successful in their recovery.

When I was early on in recovery I looked up to a celebrity. I have never met this person nor do I believe or agree with everything they do and say, but his music was very influential to me. Eminem is an American rap artist who is a household name to many. He released an album titled, “Recovery” a few month before I got clean. I would listen to this album every morning when I woke up. The lyrics motivated me to move past my negative thoughts. It provided me a jump start to each day that I still think about today.

Eminem has been very open about his battle with opioid addiction from the start. He even raps about it in a lot of his music. He battled an addiction to Vicodin. He even admits memory loss and loosing multiple days at a time from being in a drugged up stupor.  Eminem nearly died from an overdose in 2007.  After he was released from the hospital he went home and stayed clean for about month before relapsing. His relapse had him right back up to the amount he was using around the time of his overdose. He was taking so many pills that he couldn't even count how many he was using.  THAT is what scared him. He finally decided to take control of his life. He finally admitted he had a problem and to stopped blaming others for the way he was living. He is quoted as saying, “The biggest problem is admitting that you have a problem. Nobody wants to admit that they’re not in control of something.”

Eminem influences million of individuals around the globe with not only his music, but also his message. I really hope that the media spends more time focusing on celebrities who have recovered successfully, vs celebrities that have drug problems who overdose.  It is very evident from his looks, his interviews, and lifestyle that he is on the road to living a sober life.


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