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Opioid Addiction Leads To Expensive Foster Care In Oregon

The opioid epidemic that is sweeping through the country has not spared the state of Oregon. It is particularly dire in the rural areas where people use a wide variety of drugs, and the communities are now feeling the effects. Most women who give birth while hooked on drugs have to give their children away because they can hardly take care of them. There are those who put the kids up for adoption, while others prefer to put them under foster care. However, there is a new problem; the cost of foster care has now risen thanks to the opioid..  - Read More

How Governor Christie Plans To Fight Opioid Addiction

A commission that is chaired by Gov. Chris Christie has released a preliminary report that requires President Donald Trump to declare opioid addiction a national emergency. In its report, the commission also wants the president to ensure that the Federal Government is put behind all the effort to fight this epidemic. This was arrived at after long hours of deliberations by the committee which was constituted after realizing that the situation was fast getting out of hand. They say that unless stern action is taken immediately, more lives will be lost in the near future than what has already been witnesses.Putting Full Weight Behind the Issue While noting..  - Read More

Heroin Epidemic Forces Grandmothers To Raise Grandchildren

Grandmothers are supposed to be enjoying their golden years. At their age, they have done their part in building the nation, and they deserve to rest and relax. They should be enjoying their retirement, and watching their children bring up their families. However, things are quite different in today’s America, and it is all thanks to the drug addiction problem. Grandmas have had to take care of their grandchildren because their parents do not have the capacity to do. Hooked on drugs, young parents can only watch helplessly as their families fall apart, and it has become an important role..  - Read More

The Opioid Epidemic In America Is Far Worse Than You Can Imagine

Solving a problem without understanding its magnitude is a  near impossible task. This is the reason America has been unable to effectively  fight the opioid epidemic. Over the years, the nation has been relying on false  data to plan how to mitigate this crisis. A recent study found out that the mortality  rates related to opioids in 2014 were 24% higher than what was reported. In the  same year, heroin mortality rates were actually 22% higher than what was quoted  in the statistics. Therefore, the government has been relying on false  information to plan for the effort to fight this..  - Read More

Caffeine – Brain Power with Sluggish Withdrawals

The Power of Caffeine Coffee has somehow made its way back to contemporary society as a great social tool and a great “natural” nootropic, mainly for its caffeine, to get an extra boost in energy or even to pull an overnighter to finish a report.Although incorporating caffeine into your routine can prove to be a real life saver in getting through the day, it clearly comes with consequences that are worth noting.The reason why energy drinks or caffeinated drinks almost immediately gives you an immense amount of energy is due to its solubility in water and fat. By being water..  - Read More

The State With Most Opioid-dependant People That Have Private Insurance

Cases of opioid dependency amongst people with private insurance have increased significantly in the recent past. This has in fact become a major concern to various agencies and professionals in the medical and health fields. Most of the people who are addicted to opioid usually start using the drugs as prescription drugs to get rid of pain. However, even after they have been healed they feel the urge to continue using them. With time they become fully addicted where they feel that they cannot survive without them. Stopping to use the drugs has become a major concern and one requires..  - Read More

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